10 Ways To Know You’re Officially a St. Augustinian

  1. You Run Towards The Gunfire.
    A reenactment of some sort is always happening- Changing of the Guard, Drakes Raid, just yesterday there was cannon fire announcing the arrival of Spain’s King and Queen.
  2. You Can’t Leave The House Without Bumping Into People You Know. Sure we have hundreds of thousands of visitors, but downtown St. Augustine is still a small city with a town square and gazebo in the center. No matter where you go, including your own front yard, be prepared to run into people you know.
  3. Instead of Snow Days, Your Child’s School Closes For St. Augustine’s Five-Day-Long Birthday Party- Complete with cake for the thousands of guests. And students also got the day off when the Mumford and Son’s Gentlemen of the Road tour came to town.
  4. You Know That Rain Boots Are Essential.  Flooding, especially this year is pretty intense. But we’re making the most of it, even enjoying our new temporary waterfront property by watching the egrets, storks, and herons fish for bugs and tadpoles in our yard.
  1. You Also Know Good Walking Shoes Are Even More Crucial Than Good Car Tires.  You’ve probably donated most of your high heels to Betty Griffin or Alpha Omega Thrift Store and have replaced them with wedges, preferably with straps to keep you from breaking an ankle on the uneven sidewalks and cobblestone streets.
  1. You’ve Waved to Miss Carrie Riding Her Bike Through Lincolnville And Honked At Leo as he saunters across the Bridge of Lions shirtless in his lime green shorts and cowboy boots.
  2. Your Friends Are Eccentric, Colorful Artists, Authors, Musicians, Yogis, Photographers, And Actors, Reenactors, Even. You know better than to judge people by their appearance or behavior 🙂 . Most everyone in town has a novel-worthy story to tell.
  1. You Really Do Love All The Restaurants (and especially their owners) In Town, But Know Which Serve Great Food And Which To Patronize Just For Drinks.
  1. You Can’t Possibly Imagine Going Back to Life in the Burbs, Big City, or Anyplace Else. Normal is a relative term anyway, right?
  2. You May Not Be Native to St. Augustine, But You Love This Town More Fiercely Than Anyplace In The World.

Each day in our little town brings something new and unexpected. Some days you venture out and partake in all the fun, and other times, you just take it all in from the front porch through stories shared by neighbors strolling by.

St. Augustine Life is a continuous adventure, from City Hall meetings filled with bickering and laughter… occasionally even pirates, scandalous historical stories of unsolved murders, and the most important… obvious unwavering love from residents of this ancient little city.

day 2 450th-8623

Lonesome Bert and the Skinny Lizards playing at the Colonial Quarter


Pirates on St. George St.

day 4 450th-8745

Happy Birthday St. Augustine Celebration in the Plaza

day 2 450th-8648

Bridge of Lions During St. Augustine’s 5 day Birthday Celebration


This is our Leo.


A Pirates Thanksgiving at Florida Cracker


Just a little rain.

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