About Me

I’m Tammy Harrow- a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend.  I’m also a photographer and a writer and above most everything in my soul, I am a traveler.

I’m a junkie of sorts, doing anything, well almost anything, at a chance to step into another culture and experience another part of the world.  Until I was 18, I had never traveled anywhere beyond the few contiguous states, where I lived in Maryland.

At 18, I flew for the first time, first class to California (thanks to a free upgrade). I was hooked. It was love at first flight and since that day, I’ve had an exasperating travel bug living in my core.  I appease him with mini-trips as often as possible, but he’s never truly satisfied until we’ve crossed borders and ventured into foreign lands with unfamiliar cultures and languages.

Everywhere I go, I take pictures and write. I’ve snapped thousands of photos and compiled dozens of travel journals along the way so that I’m able to share my stories, both about my adventures and the motivation behind my journeys.


To Contact me:    tammyharrow@gmail.com


  1. I can relate. As a young girl I to caught that bug now many years later I am enjoy a rest..Thank you for creating the site.. I will have to tune in and keep and eye on where you go and what photos you take and things you write. It is good stuff…. Happy Trails…

  2. Enjoyed your article and loved your photos–it is such a beautiful place. . .

  3. Your travel tastes match mine but your photography skills far exceed mine.
    I had lunch there in July 2012 and I must say it is my favourite restaurant in the world.

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