2012 Road Trip Challenge

I’ve loaded up my car and set out on dozens of road trips through the years, some alone, some with at least one child in tow. I often try to be cost-conscious in the beginning at least, making half-attempts at sharing meals or buying them in local markets rather than eating in restaurants.

Usually about half way through the trip I get all weak and wimpy and reach for my 2”x3” plastic safety net, justifying it by telling myself, This could be a once in a lifetime trip, I may never get back to this place or Life’s short, we could all die tomorrow or my personal favorite when there’s a kid with me, I’m making important memories. My list goes on….

Tomorrow, in seven hours actually, I’m hitting the road again, but this time I’m really challenge myself. With me I’ll have two grown boys, two tents and $500 in cash. Our goal, well my goal, is to have a 5+ day adventure camping, hiking, exploring parts of the North Georgia and Tennessee mountains and maybe Nashville. I plan to throw a night or two in a hotel in our trip. We’ll see how it goes. But, I’m taking my credit card just in case. Wish me luck…

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